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My opinion: salt based nutrition, one should flush. Non salt based, not needed.

Reasoning: looking at growing containers you can see the white stains when using salt based fertilizer.

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First, there's a difference between hydroponics, soil using store bought fertilizer, and "living soil".

Hydro will give you faster growth and more responsibility.

Most that claim better terps from soil are talking about living soils with complex soil life webs.

I can see where the idea comes from but I dont think its proven one way or the other.

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Teaming with nutrients

Teaming with microbes

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You or your info are merging the idea of amber trichs will a general idea of budding.

Naturally, when a plant sees the light cycle is decreasing they start forming seeds to pass on thier genes. For cannibis, this entails first the forming of buds and is triggered by less than 12 hours of light.

The belief is that a long dark period at the start of flowering will kinda give it a kick in the but saying "seriously, look how dark its getting, you better hurry up and start producing buds".

I dont see how this would effect amber tricomes.

A bud forms in attempt to pass on seeds. The hairs will darken as it matures as will the tricomes. They go from clear to cloudy to amber.

Seemingly, clear is premature, resulting in a "heady high" and sometime paronia. Amber ones seem to resulting in the more "couch lock high". This isn't hard science but most find it to be true. However, I dont see how a prolonged dark period 3 months prior would effect this.

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First off, I love ppl that say cheers.

While it was very in depth, it didn't account for previous growing experience...maybe that's intentional though. For example, right now I worm farm and make my own soil, only using dry amendments, no ph testing, and use leds. But when I started I used florescent bulbs and bottled nutrients. Again, not sure if that'd be important for you to know ut seeing that the survey was so in depth it just seemed that it was a piece that was missing.

My pet peeve is that belief that yield equates to how many plants one has. I believe that a 4x2 @400 watts will produce 8oz dry no matter if its one big plant, 2 plants, 3 plants, or buch of little ones.

The one or two questions seemed to perpetuate that idea imo.

I feel I know why people believe that but I still believe it to be wrong. (If you're interested in what I feel leads to that misunderstanding im happy to share my ideas).