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This is were you lost me, too much illuminati conspiracy stuff here for my taste. The truth should be enough without trying to tie all that "human sacrifice" bullshit into it. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to back them up.

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Yeah, no, I'm just not interested anymore. I'd prefer to stick with what can be verified. Best of luck with your book and whatever though.

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What's virtual opioid addiction? Like counselling online? How to you prescribe substitutes then? I'm in the uk and have to have face to face meetings with my key worker every three months or they'll stop my prescription.

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I hate to be this guy but I have to ask what do serious archeologists make of all this "ancient alien" stuff and about how a show about that particular topic managed to get broadcast on what's called the history channel? Have you ever come across anyone who believes that stuff personally and if you have did you do anything to try and talk them around?

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What I find a little alarming about it is that it seems to have become quite popular theory. I dont like that the show on the so called history channel has lasted for so many seasons because that only means one thing, that it's getting a lot of viewers and ratings. Von Daniken is an obvious hack but a lot of people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. I dont doubt that a professional archeologist wouldnt take these ideas seriously, I was more curious about any encounters you may have had with laymen who may have been influenced by these conspiracy theories?