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Can you expand on this a little bit? It seems so hard to tell if fish is sustainably harvested unless you literally know who caught it. Any resources to help find determine if a fish was caught sustainably?

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Place I work took us to an escape room as part of a team bonding day, so I can totally see companies doing an adventure day as a retreat or team building day.

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I'm a little late to the party but I noticed one shortcoming of reviewmeta, and it has to do with my biggest qualm with amazon--and why I avoid using Amazon these days.

ReviewMeta seems to do a good job at finding misleading reviews but, imo, a much bigger issue is misleading product descriptions. As a climber, one glaring example for me is what comes up when you search "climbing rope." The top results are all wholy unsafe for use as a life-saving devices yet they are marketed as climbing ropes, parachute rope (da fuq?), fire rescue, escape rope, etc. Most reviewers don't realize that while the rope description lists a weight limit, that is a far cry from the independent rating organization that rates real climbing ropes and other safety equipment. Fortunately some people point this out in the reviews, strongly advising people to not trust this rope with their lives. Those reviews get flagged by ReviewMeta as illegitimate because they're unverified or one hit wonders, but they're right, and they could save lives. And there are obviously plenty of other products that have misleading descriptions, electronics are a huge one, books too.

So my question, if you get this far down Tommy, is how can we know when a product is legitimate or not? ReviewMeta will remove reviews deemed overly-critical even when that criticism is entirely valid. The rope I mentioned above is 4.6 stars before and after analysis, the positive reviews it removes all sound like 5 star bot reviews, while negative reviews removed are legitimate complaints about the safety of the product. ReviewMeta is basically making this illegimate product appear more legitimate by removing the very real complaint reviews. (edit to note, I blame Amazon for this issue, not ReviewMeta, people who know a product is fake are not going to buy it and therefore will not be verified purchasers, making it hard for them to warn people of a fake or misleading product). Is this a problem you can address?