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a McV.P., or if he really has connections, a McC.O.O. in charge of the McMergers and Acquisitions department.

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  1. What's the most incredible thing you've seen on the battlefield?
  2. It is widely reported that Seal Teams etc. get access to the latest tech. weapons etc. The reason I ask is because for some years now, there is a company called Hyper Stealth that claims to have invented a material that can literally make a person "cloaked". He claims that he has shown this material to Canadian and U.S. military reps and it works. There is also a video that was widely circulated that shows what appears to be a "cloaked" operative/soldier jumping into a tank somewhere in iraq or afghanistan. I assume confirming it's existence isn't "classified" as it is info widely already "confirmed" by it's inventor and on the net. Is there any info or anything credible confirming if it's true that you can add? from what you've seen, is military tech really "40-50" years more advanced, such as the reported tank in fallujah that shoots out "lightning" that can fry a person to crisps in seconds?

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Follow up. I meant something you've seen personally that made you say "did that really just happen." Also about the cloak, I believe it's real as it's physics, I'm sure you've heard of it, I just want to know if it's your belief that the tech is real.