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Ive got a few questions.

1) I’ve heard pros say both that the raw material is really what makes the difference and that the quality of the malt/grain doesn’t make much difference since you’re distilling. What’s your take?

2) What kinda of yeast do you use? I assume this would make one of the biggest impacts on final flavor profile since the fermentation byproducts of different yeast strains can be so varied. (Home brewer here)

3) What do you think the end product would be like if you have the malt a ferulic acid test and then fermented with a Hefeweizen strain to really give it a powerful banana/clove flavor in the wash?

4) Do you think any of the difference between bad booze and delicious booze is running a clean fermentation, even if it’s going to be distilled? I’ve seen many distillers claim fermentation doesn’t matter as much but I don’t buy that.

5) What actually carries through from a sour mash that makes sour mash whiskey so distinct? Does the lactic acid actually come through in the distillate?

6) thoughts on what the end product would be of a Brett/pedio/sour beer-style fermentation/aging prior to distilling? (Not practical from a business perspective I know)

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1) I heard rumors a while back about a sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Just rumors or was it in the works and nothing ever came of it? Or can we still hope?

2) How did you really feel about the ending of HIMYM—particularly Barney’s arc?

Edit: can I also just say that Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog hit me in the feels both times I watched it? Hilarious and heartbreaking simultaneously.

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Super interesting. The question about fermentation cleanliness was really prompted by my thoughts on sour mash. It seems like if a sour mash has an impact, other bacteria would have an impact too—but I guess lactic acid forms fairly quickly comparatively and the other bacteria would be outcompeted by the yeast during fermentation?

Bonus question: do you do any kind of quick boil to sanitize prior to fermentation or does what’s in there get to grow with the yeast too?

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I think I remember hearing Mitch Steele do a podcast when he still worked for you and mentioned your yeast strain was proprietary. Is that true, and if so, what's the closest strain that's commercially available?

Also, your old standard IPA (I guess version 1.0 now?) was probably my favorite on the market that was always available. I know you released the pale ale recipe, but I can't find the IPA recipe. Is the IPA recipe available anywhere?