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O valley of putin

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Dudes got a huge nose. Like Deal with it fuck face you're still a great actor and you looked jacked in predators

You think he woulda learned to laugh it off by now or just get a rhinoplasty

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Most kids just get a mom. Their parents don’t pick them. You are choosing this girl and I think that is so fucking amazing. Be pretty cool if mom is like yea I coulda had any kid but I picked you. Don’t make me regret it :p Thank you for sharing your story. This is why i reddit.

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Dude no immersion isn’t even the best way to learn a language

What you really wanna do is go back in time and be born to parents that speak the language that you want to know. Then you’ll know that language. Easy dude

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Agreed. Took a friend to see the elephants at the philadelphia zoo and we were bummed to learn they'd been sent to Tennessee but we were happy because the zookeeper told us how their enclosure is huge and they have so much more room. So then we weren't bummed but happy they were happier. ❤️🐘