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When I have to get a novocaine shot, my dentist shakes my mouth as the needle goes in. Is this actually a thing or is it just his way of messing with me?

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Obviously a lot of people are believing that Mr. Rand is a ghost or spirit. From what you have said directly, he was an imaginary friend. Do you think he is a ghost? Did he scare you or was he friendly?

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Hey! I know you've said you started drawing the giraffe to help with your own struggles and put a smile on our faces, but do you get the inspiration from things that are happening in your life at the moment, things your friends or family need to hear, or what? How do you choose what to draw each time?

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I am repulsed by the lunches offered at my school and have not eaten it in three years. How difficult would it really be for the schools to have fresh, healthy meals? Obviously it isn't something decided by lunch ladies, but would it really be that hard to manage?

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Its more like everytime i get one (which isnt often anymore) they have unraveled within a week. And that is not even with rough use.