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Peer reviewed? There is no work here to peer review. This is insane ramblings, this is nothing. Am I the only one who actually read what he wrote?

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Exactly this. Neither this app nor Elon Musk’s description tackle the echo chamber problem, which is the only problem.

Look at the Mueller report. It’s all there, written in stone. Each side had a completely different take on the same document.

If upvotes were good enough you could just scroll through reddit to find the truth.

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This is all incoherent nonsense. It’s just insane ramblings. Is no one else reading this closely?

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Is your goal to sabotage the Left by promoting an insane caricature of progressive liberalism? There’s no way you really believe that stuff. You must be trying to destroy its credibility from the inside. Right?

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Someone mixed environmental buzz words into their incoherent ramblings and you’re completely sold lol.