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I remember Man from Atlantis and I actually wrote you some fan mail! I think I was about 10 at the time and I had the worst crush on you! Do you keep your fan mail?

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How old is the woman? When was she diagnosed and how did that come about? Does she have any children or is that out of the question?

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Well that's good to know, thank you. You are cute:

If you still like me

Giggle ;-d like I was when I was ten and you were that guy with those awesome wiggle moves through the water... Do you have any idea how many kids copied your swimming style from that show? (I'm so embarrassed, I'm saying how old we are here...)

You are very easy on the eyes Mr. Duffy. I hope you are enjoying life... Still a very handsome and good lookin' man!

I will send you a SASE, thank you very much.

Sincerely, A very shy piglet

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I am curious as to female circumcision in your country. Is that practiced, and will you undergo such surgery when you have your operation?

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Bert and Ernie, that's funny! I do like both your humor, and that's partly why I'll probably watch the show!

Have you ever had any complications from your appendix removal? And if I remember right, you ADD. Do you still take meds for that? (Apologies if that's too personal).