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She's made clear that she doesn't.

She just wants people to think they're going to get some relief from the troubles of life and sweep up those sweet, sweet misplaced votes on her way to the top tier of public pension.

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Not only did you not answer the question, you told some lies.

According to our own stats, the cost of the majority of support, welfare, services AND the bureaucrats required is somewhere in the $120B range, with fringe outliers. Not my stats, but ones from the CDN government about iirc 2016. EDIT: 2020-2121 estimated costs are $138B

So there aren't hundreds of billions of dollars being spent. There's a bit more than ONE hundred billion.

UBI on the other hand, costs over $420B for a $20K/yr UBI for 21M working-aged Canadians estimated to get it. That means that if you cut ALL those services and fired everyone working in them, you still need to come up with $300B to hand out.

You also need to factor in inflation, brain drain and other deleterious effects of high taxation required to pay for it, along with the fact that everyone actually working for a living will feel a stinging slap across the face for being taxed more and not being able to keep their UBI ... because we both know they can't.

Not to mention that you really mean a GBI. Which is just welfare by a different name. Which means that you're after votes and don't give a fiddler's fig about improving any other life but your own.

I would love to say voters won't be fooled by it.

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This government says a lot of things they have no intention of following through with. UBI is one, too. There's an election coming up and they need your votes NOW, then they'll "look into it."

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What is your plan to make UBI sustainable? Will you cannibalise all the other services to attempt to get within spitting distance of sustainability? It seems to me that would leave many without the services they require.

I would like to see your detailed response of projected costs vs. savings from closing services off and what you believe our ability to pay for a UBI will be. In every single proposal I have seen so far, this was entirely ignored and therefore is entirely an invalid virtue signal, gaming for votes from the left and the low-income earners.

Please explain in as much detail as you can, how this would not be a major slap in the face to those earning their way through life and expected to pay yet more of their wages to a giant, faceless government that burns through cash like a wildfire, who will just give it to people who won't work (and to other countries, apparently).

Please don't disregard my post because it asks pointed questions in a frustrated manner. If you don't have any of this information worked out in advance, then I suggest you pull this bill back out of circulation, because it is reckless and unworkable... and I don't trust the Trudeau government to see that since all my trust in them has long-ago evaporated.

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Very good point. This is literally the opposite of what they promised and is clear and obvious evidence of government collusion (aka corruption) along with the acceptance of regulatory capture.

Exactly the opposite of leadership.