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Are you more or less scared of death now?

How have you conciously altered who you are or your behavior because of what you endured...twice?

Do you feel any sort of closer connection with the deceased now that you have technically "crossed over"

These are all obscure/cheesy questions but I am asking in full sincerity, not often you get to meet someone whom has had that second chance twice!

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Thanks for your honest response. Death, inevitable for all; intimidating to most, tantalizing to others and enticing to few.

Not many return to tell the experience or lack thereof of death.

Best of life to you man!

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Hi Rona, thanks for this IAM. After reading your post I would be very intrigued to read your book and am going to head over to your podcast after this post as it will be nice to have something intriguing and distracting from the world we are in right now.

My grandfather worked in the Dutch resistance during Nazi occupied Holland. He hid on a barn roof for a week to evade capture. He did not speak English very well and was unable to tell me many stories when I was a child. When he was elderly he got dimentia and it seems that was the time he would flash back to the war and mumble something to my grandmother in Dutch I would ask her to interpret. When my grandparents passed, I , along with my mother were the ones tasked with classifying and digitizing documents and photos. One of the documents strongly looks like his "draft letter"

Is a draft letter something you would recognize to see?

I am very strongly interested in WW2 and the every day people whom had to work to keep it afloat. From the way factories were changed to accepting women workers as many men were off at war.

What commonalities do you see in the rise of corona virus and war measures act being put in place in cites that is familiar to the past of our veterans? After the research you have conducted, what were some of the most resourceful ways from home, that the "pencil pushers" came up with to help the troops?

I am going to request your book be put into our Public Libraries. Thank you for your time and research.

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That is so amazing. Your grandfather sounds like a true patriot that did exactly what was needed because it was needed not for the glory or credit. Those are the minds sets of we need of people handling things this very day! You should compile those stories into a book for the next generation . I just wish more of this knowledge was passed along so kids are not complaining about sitting on their couches right now. . .
I don't even know how humanity would survive If there was a draft today!

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To : OP Thank you for all of the work that you do and the lives that you save. We all as a public/society/humanity are greatful. Thank you for the sacrifices you make in your own personal life and schedule to be there for patients when they need you.

I do however have a similar question But in regards to chronic pain and anxiety. I also have a history of having pnuemonia 3 times in my life.
I have been prescribed codiene for CRPS for 8 months now. However, when I don't take it, i have a nasty "wheezing" sound when I exhale. Sometimes when I inhale but rarely.
I had a fever last week, was vomiting very quick to tire and had chills.

This sounds like a common cold/flu

So does COVID-19.

I know I am high risk but have been cleaning anything that comes into the house, self isolating and handwashing. It doesn't change that I as an individual am high risk.

*Can you clarify: Are "high risk" people are more likely to contract the sickness or are just less likely to recover once they have it?

As you mentioned, you are not giving medical advice and I respect that. I don't know if this falls within that realm

I know many people whom consider them selves high risk but have a fear of overwhelming the healthcare system with their "mild symptoms"

I do however not want to just brush this off and later be morbidly sorry for doing so.

What is the point that I get tested?

Thanks again. Best of luck. Stay safe.