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When you have the smartest people going into the businesses designed to find holes in regulatory systems, and you have the 'less than the smartest' people going into the regulation business (government), exploitation is bound to happen.

I don't know the answer to this problem.

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If you wanted to hint at where to look for how colonization/expansion/new space is going to work for the future, besides Villard Wheel/shattered villard wheel stocking and collecting covert research tools, what would you suggest speculating on?

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Hi. Is it possible for there to be another big bang at any instant anywhere in the cosmos? I've wondered why the first happened, and what prevents another from happening.

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What would be your top 3 to 5 ways the average person can help young women be empowered?

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Do you think we would know what "the entire energy and matter content of the universe at a single point" would look like from a distance... I mean... I can't really wrap my head around the idea of space being collapsed into a point...but... I feel like we may not be able to see another one of those points near us if there was one. I am just thinking if I wanted to develop a neurosis, I feel like this one would be just as justified of one as any other.