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Yep. They say that we have "rights," but these fuckers can do anything they want. There is no checks and balances, no empathy, just profit and the legal system. It's fucking repugnant.

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Reminds me of what I saw my mom go through. Company brings on interns. Company gives them more responsibilities. Company shuffles older workers into roles better suited to interns. Company finds an excuse to cut these jobs as unnecessary. Interns are established in the company but still interns. Company gives head honchos big raises.

Internship is basically a way to scam free labor now. You can spend over 20+ years working for a company and get treated like shit.

Fucking corporations.

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So like Vonnegut wrote, then you have a class of people giving directions to the machine and a massive swathe of poverty underneath it.

Which isn't reassuring.

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Let me be the first to thank you for this - it's a horrible crime against adults across the country too, not just children in Florida. It desperately needs to be exposed and addressed.

I guess the only thing I can ask is, is anything being done about this? There's so much wrong with the system, from the way mental health is viewed, the training behind it, and, of course, the money made off traumatic imprisonment, so I'd suppose not much is happening yet, but it's sad and disgusting. Anything at all we can do to combat these Baker Act abuses?

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The best effort isn't worth all that much in this society/system, huh.

So what is going to be done to "change" this? How about the preponderance of forced imprisonment/concentration? Is anything being done about that? Will it increase as certain groups take advantage of the problem to "solve" social problems or exploit the Baker Act for money?

Like what actual hope is there when the entire broken system is against you, isolation is the norm, and the world is dying? Do you really think these hotline numbers have anything valuable to say in light of such weighty problems that can't be fixed just by having someone listening?

What other options will there be besides the endless cycle of talking and taking drugs? What are you supposed to do when there is no fix?