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So like Vonnegut wrote, then you have a class of people giving directions to the machine and a massive swathe of poverty underneath it.

Which isn't reassuring.

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Reminds me of what I saw my mom go through. Company brings on interns. Company gives them more responsibilities. Company shuffles older workers into roles better suited to interns. Company finds an excuse to cut these jobs as unnecessary. Interns are established in the company but still interns. Company gives head honchos big raises.

Internship is basically a way to scam free labor now. You can spend over 20+ years working for a company and get treated like shit.

Fucking corporations.

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No, because the system has way too much power. A person in a lab coat determines you need treatment? Welcome to Nurse Ratched's hell.

There are so many stories of people calling a crisis hotline and having the police on them, for instance. It's atrocious. One of the first times I walked into an appointment, I got threatened with involuntary imprisonment before I even said a word. It's so messed up, especially in a country where you end up with a big medical bill for your trouble.

There was that psychological study where a healthy person checked themselves into a place and completely fooled the staff but couldn't get out until they did what the staff wanted... I always think of that when I need to remind myself of how much power these people have.

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When you say it could be legalized, how long until the stupid government and greedy companies stop wasting our time? And who will be it be for?