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i have done that before and got a nasty nocturnal emission.

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I have gone 4-5 times in a row back in my hornier years. After that many times am in enormous fatigue that dosnt subside for days. so yes it gets progressively worse with every fap.

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I have done prolactin test couple of hours after orgasm and it came out normal more than once. In the beginning i did multiple hormone test and i always ask for prolactin because of the same reason you proposed. A guy on the forum has prolactin inhibitor for a different reason and noticed it didnt help much. The dopa mine repuptake inhibitor is one way for couple of us to band aid the symptoms, we use aderall and ritalin. A couple of us checked the pitutiary gland to see if that is the problem and most came with no problem.

It may seem am saying we have tried many things without results but that is our situation and reason we are trying to get research going.

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It is not intravenous it is subcutaneous. If you are unlucky and cant find a doctor willing to do immunotherapy, some try oral. And i have tried it while i was looking for a doctor.

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oh yeah i totally agree, i have my age limit set at 27, if no progress, i will be going castration route. Am not about to waste my prime.