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Hi! I'll link some resources from the Doc's discord server:
Finding a therapist in the United States: http://www.psychologytoday.com/



If you're in a different country there are obviously different resources.

What to expect from your first therapy session, a video by Dr. Mick

Ways to get therapy if you can't afford it

Global list of crisis lines; you do not have to be suicidal to call a crisis line!

Hope these help :D You can also check out the Doc's youtube channel for even more: perfectionism, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and a huge variety of other topics are covered here

PLUS onstream and in the discord you're able to ask generalized questions like "what are the most common ways to start recognizing and working with anxiety" "how can I support a friend with depression" etc!

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Lemme link you to a comment I just posted that was for a similar question. I hope that can help you in the meantime while the Doc tries to keep track of questions!