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Good friends is really up there with the most important things in life.

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There is a saying among poker players: "Money not lost is the same as money earned".

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It's different for different people. I strongly recommend going to a dietician. However, you may need to switch to a different dietician until you find a good one.

My first dietician was horrible, she just gave me a menu and told me to deal with it.

My current dietician is the best, she understands that people need to eat some fun stuff from time to time. There is a holiday in israel during which most people have cheesecake and some fat cheese. She told me to go ahead and eat some. Try not to take too big a portion, but make sure I enjoy myself. But only on the holiday eve, not the day before, not the day after.

I stick to my menu most days, but I fucking love burgers, and so I have one about once a month. 12 burgers a year are not going to kill a diet.

It's all about sticking to your diet during the weekdays. Not eating candy because you're a bit down today. Not ordering pizza because you're too lazy to make a proper meal.

Oh yeah, learn to cook. Cooked food is SOOO much healthier than ready made food.

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I absolutely love your reaction to seeing your friend. So beautiful that's what got you the most excited. You definitely deserve everything you got!

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You sound like someone who enjoyed their line of work, but there are many that it takes a serious toll on them. Do you think sex work should be legal to accommodate people like you, or illegal to "save" people that in your situation feel obligated to turn to sex work, and it would destroy them?