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Have you seen RAMPART?

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What's your next plan for screwing up the country?

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Would you reccomend that people sign up to be donors?

I'm copying my comment from the last time bone marrow donation came up.

Here are some links with information on how you can join the registry in your country to potentially be matched as a donor:

US: (They all add you to the same registry. It does not matter which one you use.)

Other Countries:

Australia (thanks /u/AetherLock)

Belgium (thanks /u/Ex1stenc3_Is_Futil3)

Brazil (thanks /u/DarkRedDiscomfort)

Canada (thanks /u/loubug)

Denmak 1 - Just tell them when you give blood! (thanks /u/poleunicorn)

Denmak 2 (thanks /u/mjnielsen99)

Finland (thanks /u/Qurutin)

France (thanks /u/lapin0u)

India (thanks /u/crockrox)

Ireland (thanks /u/MeccIt)

Italy (thanks /u/_vatonage_)

Germany (thanks /u/fogelmensch and chihuahua001)

The Netherlands (thanks /u/DeltaKi87)

Norway Just tell them when you give blood! (thanks /u/fmlzelda)

Portugal (thanks /u/reddishik)

Romania (thanks Abi79)

South Africa (thanks /u/Groat47)

Singapore (thanks /u/random_avocado)

Spain (thanks /u/lucialg)

Sweden (thank /u/Steglad)

Switzerland Just tell them when you give blood! (thanks /u/Obelixismyhero)

Turkey (thanks /u/LGR9-D)

UK Anthony Nolan (thanks /u/Huskdoge)

UK DKMS (thanks /u/Donaldoed)

Adding a personal story. I organized a registration drive back in 2005 or so. Once every couple years or so I get an email (as the organizer) letting me know that someone who registered that day matched. It's a pretty amazing feeling. Think about if you're in a place (work, college, high school, etc) where you could get 10, 100, or 1000 people added to the registry. You can literally save many lives.

Also adding links for organizing donor drives: Gift Of Life and Be The Match They make it really easy for you. They'll send you a box full of everything you need.

Thanks to people who replied to the previous comment with new links to add. Keep 'em coming!

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I grew up on Full House. I watched 1/2 of an episode of the reboot, Fuller House and couldn’t finish. Were you involved in that at all? What are your thoughts about it?