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If they go a few more weeks without pay, that career suicide may not seem like such a bad option. Shit, they got bills to pay. Can't just go without a paycheck forever.

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It seems like if a certain amount of time went by and people stopped showing up, it would be political suicide for anyone to enforce the no strike law

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20 stops in an hour?? I'm a freight truck driver and if I get 3 in an hour I am smoking

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Have you guys had sex with each other? Why or why not?

EDIT: Adding a comment I made in reply to someone else. I think it clarifies why I asked my question in the first place.
*I would just think working in that line you either would or you wouldn't, and the reason for either would be interesting in this AMA.

Never considered it? Seems unlikely. Even if so, that's interesting. Have done it? What brought you there? Attraction or research? How and why did it go down? Decided against it? Why? For "normal" people, I would think it may be considered unprofessional, but for sex researchers, is it unprofessional? Why? I would think the taboo, or societal opinions of sex that may keep people in other fields from doing it may not apply to people who are bona fide sex researchers.*

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1x1? Is that just a nub?