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A friend used psilocybin, from mushrooms (one time dose) to aid him to quit smoking cigarettes. He said that as he started feeling the effects of the mushrooms, he smokes a few cigs. and got pretty sick. After the sickness passed he just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the night. He hasn't smoked in nearly 2 years now.

What is your opinion regarding the science behind this?

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Why is the VA so inefficient and seemingly incompetent?

I own a medical billing agency in Maine and have been billing ins. co's., Medicare and VA for about 11 years. From day 1 the VA has been disappointing me and costs me a ton of time. Consider that only one of my clients has 6 veteran patients - way less than 1% of my total patient load. My VA office in Togus, ME consistently loses treatment plans, therefor denying claims for no authorization. My client has sent in these tx plans sometimes 3 - 4 times. VA reps have told me to, "just go ahead and send fax me the claims and I'll make sure they get processed". That would be nice but to this day has not happened. In 10+ years the pattern I see is that tx plans get received and sent to "Dr. Brown's office" for approval, where they tend to fall in to a black hole and are never seen again.

I am completely disgusted with my state's VA handling of tx plans and claims to the point where I am about to let my client know that I will no longer deal with the VA. Either she'll have to do it herself or put it on the patients.