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Hey Redigit!

I'm here on behalf of the Starbound's community, since this is an "Ask Me Anything", I would like to ask you to give Chucklefish the rights to use the guide for cameos in Starbound.

It basically started as a joke but with the similarities between the game, I would actually love to see that happen (even if I never truly got into Terraria, mainly because of the huge changes that happened between each of my craves).

So please redigit, just this once (or more if you prefer... like a skeletron clock?).

ploki1228 karma

200% sure

ploki1223 karma

It's all about that +1, you know?

ploki122-2 karma

Dang, at first I read that as "Nah, I'll play some other company and make make a game that show's the paint drying from another perspective."

I'm kinda disappointed, but I guess that's not bad either.