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Haha I just might! And I think the last Marvel movie I saw was in 2011....

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The goal with low/micro budget stuff is to try to build the budget around things that you can get for free. For example, the above the line costs (Director/writer/producer) typically will work for just equity in the backend or a deferred payment. That’s what we did. Locations are also great place to save. Our main location was found through Airbnb, but we we were able to get a solid deal on it. In most cases I’d recommend using locations you already have access to (as much as possible).

In terms of where you really shouldn’t slump on the budget: department heads and equipment. Sometimes you may find a DP with their own equipment who is willing to cut a rental deal for you. But in general, if you want your movie to look like a real movie, you will need the same equipment that real movies are using (RED or ARRI camera, professional grade audio recording and lavs, etc). I can’t stress this enough: don’t cheap out on sound!! Get someone who has done feature film sound before or you will be kicking yourself. Same goes for post production sound and editing.

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There's a twisty twist

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Ha for sure. The main location was between $3-4k. Crew and equipment daily rates was definitely the biggest expense. We had an ensemble cast as well. The more heads, the more daily rates, the more meals, the more lodging, the more expensive it gets....in general I advise filmmakers to keep the scripts to 2-3 main characters. We definitely broke our own rule with this one.

Post production was also more expensive than anticipated. We didn’t spare expenses in making sure we got the best freelancers we could afford for editing, sound, music, color, VFX, etc. Those add up pretty fast!

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You wouldn’t! Making this movie is definitely the coolest thing I’ve done.