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Hi Michael I think it is so Great that you lend you name and time to the cause of raising metal health awareness, thank you

there is a certain parallel that so many of the tough guys of sports, who are now suffering brain injuries that lead to metal health issues, when they themselves were often bullies and psychological abusers in the sport (not necessarily, but possibly outside the game as well).

Is it sometimes hard to ratify the mental image you have of these tough guys you have in your mind, with sometimes very vulnerable individuals who are suffering, in front of you in the studio? How has that changed your perception of violence in sport?

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Hey Nathalie I'm a fan

I love your interpretation of Moriarty on Elementary, was it hard to make that type of chemistry as a new member of a cast that had been established for some time, considering you relationship to Sherlock was supposed to precede them.?

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Cool, unexpected reply

thanks Michael

Edit , Mispelled the man's name, I cant let this stand, or he and his tough guy buddies will be after me