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Not going to ask anything (and my comment will likely be submerged) but, as a guy who's had an heart transplant, I wish you the best.

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I've been self isolating for nearly 5 days now and no symptoms whatsoever. I'm anxious as fuck, can't lie. I'm an organ transplant recipient, which puts me in danger..... and I'm from Italy. Not from one the worst affected regions, mind you, but my parents told me they're starting to test people and they found a few positives around their area so I can "feel it" closing in to me and to my parents, who are also vulnerable due to their age. I sincerely hope you're feeling better today.

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I'm self isolating due to being under imunosuppressant therapy and I was at work in a busy supermarket in London until 2 days ago. Suffice to say I'm scared shitless of getting this thing. If you don't mind me asking, how long do you think it took for the symptoms to show up? i'm so sorry this happened to you.