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Hi Kevin. Wondering if you have any thoughts on why politicans seem to "find their true voice" only once they leave politics. I often find myself listening to some politician and thinking "Why couldn't you have been like this when you were in power?". Is it just the pressure of the party to "toe the line", or is there more to it?

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Is this it?


EDIT: Close up... it's even creepier than I thought...


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Really really well said. It frustrates me that religious people I know disregard science because they think it competes with their God. It may compete with their religion, but if they actually dove into science I think it would get them closer to their God. How could you read about experiments in quantum mechanics and not feel you were closer to your God, if you choose to believe in one - since apparently you believe "He" created all this stuff!

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First I've heard of this, sounds fantastic. Thank you!