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Honestly, I'm a therapist from Florida doing some of the same. I can't get enough people interested in TARPGs at the same time, how do you market for it?

Also, are you using raw D&D, Critical Core, or some other game for your base?

I may ask more questions later. Thanks!

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I'm a mental health therapist who uses D&D in session, and yes, I'd have to say that it can be compatible. You just have to be intentional about using the skills and having a GM therapist who is also aware, so they can give you the opportunities to practice the skills in-game.

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It's good to see another professional using TTRPGs to help kids. I haven't considered using such games for the issues you're talking about, and I find it refreshingly different from what I do. I'm a mental health counselor who uses D&D for social skills development and emotional regulation for both kids and adults.

I suppose my question is have you ever done online groups? And either way, what hurdles would you have to jump over in order to make that successful, in terms of GMing or "classroom management" ? My other question would have to be what is a story in which boundaries were crossed by one of the kids, not corrected, and then got way out of hand.

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Yes, this is also a tools used by some counselors and they use it for very similar purposes as to what you're talking about.