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I just want you to know you made my all time favourite game. I even have a BioShock tattoo. I've never been so in awe of a game and its atmosphere. In my opinion that's a feeling that hasn't been in games since.

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Hey, I just got into you guys this summer, because of your song "don't wanna fight". Checked out your albums and totally fell in love, then saw you guys on YouTube, and then had to buy tickets to your show in Toronto.

How does that feel knowing that you have fans all over the world at this point. Is that weird that people all over the planet now talk about you? :)

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Would you say that the experience changed your perceptions of american life? Did you ever fear your dad leaving you somewhere again?

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They're using a delta system. How would you calibrate a delta system? Top down no? Pretty sure there would be no need with the system they have as it would calibrate off the top and step down.

I'm personally super into 3D printing and I know it's the future especially for children and education.

Why would I buy your product over a printr bot or wanhao.