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How do you intend to avoid a crime surge like what San Francisco had after getting an agressively reformist DA? What would you do differently from chesa boudin?

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Thanks for the answer!

One follow up - while I like and support your approach overall (I agree that overc-incarceration is a huge problem), the one category of crime that's occasionally under-prosecuted in America is vehicular manslaughter and related crimes - drivers that cause fatal accidents are often let off with barely a warning, despite car crashes being the leading cause of violent deaths in America. Obviously imprisoning anyone who gets a dui would be an overreaction, but this does fall into the category of crimes that directly impact personal safety - is this something you'd want to deal with?

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Data-wise: Murder rate is up. Other reported crime rates are down, but that's more likely to be a drop in reporting rather than an actual drop in crime (murders are pretty much always reported, which is why they're a better proxy for crime rates than "general reported crime rate").

Also, it's just kind of obvious if you spend time there. Hell, a lot of stores have stopped carrying expensive products because there's just too much shoplifting.

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Indiana has a pretty competitive senate race this year, so probably better to vote there (assuming you like Donnelly, at least). You can check race competitiveness and voter power index on 538.

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After SB50 got voted down, is there any hope for ever getting housing legislation passed in California? AFAICT SB50 was the minimum possible action on it, and if even that failed I don't see how we can ever avoid the current situation of a near-total building freeze and, in effect, a landed gentry who bought housing before it was expensive.

Also, how do you feel about other restrictions on giving blood, like for people who've lived in Europe?