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I believe it's that if you mention your dogs pics must be provided of good boys/girls

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He's indicating that he did not used to play as Ken in Street Fighter II. Obviously because Ryu was far superior.

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"you dont ever touch a black man's radio!"

"you dont ever touch a black man's PS4!"

"you dont ever touch a black man's VR headset!"

"you dont ever touch a black man's space suit while we colonize the moon"

Yep. Idea checks out.

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see this is super cool to me. You had an idea and you went for it. It really shows the age we live in it's possible to hustle a living doing what you love. Guest blogging, sending stuff around to journos - people would be surprised, they have deadlines and sometimes not many ideas in the queue. It can be win-win. That along with generally being good with social media are key, but doable.

Congrats on your success, I'm definitely buying one and have a community of followers (hacker geeks) that will love this. Popping it out to 22k people now :).

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oh it's just my twitter I'm @_hyp3ri0n