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A public good is 'nonrival and nonexcludable' - you can't easily stop someone from using it without paying, and your use of it doesn't affect anyone else. The classic example is national defense - the army can't protect certain people. The internet is neither of those things.

"Public works" is a better term.

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I think it's quite easy to imagine scenarios where an immediate response is needed. If we face a threat to our national security, or, for instance, an opportunity like OBL, we don't want to require the delay of a congressional resolution or the breach of secrecy implict in that.

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(How) Did you rationalize it at the time. Great AMA by the way.

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How do you prefer people to treat you in terms of acknowledging tourettes?

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If you can't fucking tell someone is "impaired by marijuana" there is no impairment

What about when someone is obviously impaired, but there is no objective measurement?