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What is it actually like to deal with a baby having a seizure, or multiple seizures in a short period of time? What are different characteristics of seizures, and are there different levels of intensity? I’m sure you have to hold their head up but that’s all I can think of. How do you help him/her be as comfortable and safe as possible, and how do you get through it yourself? Were medical professionals around the first time it happened?

Thank you guys for the AMA.

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Thank you both for your response. The whole “Brainz” procedure sounds insane! Thanks for giving some insight into such an intense experience with a newborn.

All of the doctors visits, procedures, medical care, and whatnot surely added up. Also you said you were both her caretakers full time so you must’ve had to take time off or quit your job. How did that work? Obviously y’all are going to do everything you can no matter what to help your child, but how did finances/ insurance play out? I saw you were planning IVF which also sounds pricey. Just curious if families like y’all have to go into insane debt just to help your child, even if you do have health insurance.