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Holy hell man, Ugly Americans is my favorite animated comedy on television, fucking genius premise and the characters are too much fun! Not one of them is weak, and even the "straight man" Mark Lily is interesting on his own!

A few quick questions!

  1. I had a friend that interned at Augenblick, John Starr, brilliant illustrator (we graduated together) I think he left something like a year ago? Interned for a little while at titmouse when augenblick gave them Super Jail (Sidenote: the drop in quality on that show since titmouse took over has been...distressing). Out of curiosity, do you remember him?

  2. I know it's almost solely a fan-thing, and wouldn't really interest casual viewers of the show, but will we ever get to see a little more history of the Ugly Americans Universe? Dirigible Wars, when hell first opened up, etc,

  3. Who is your favorite character? I keep cycling through Leonard, Grimes, or Twain.

  4. How is the show doing viewership wise? I know it's not pulling the same kind of numbers that South Park does, but you've gotten three seasons aired now, so it can't be doing badly. Do you think that the cerebral nature of the show hurts its numbers?

  5. Favorite Ugly American's line?

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Redditor for 43 minutes eh? I SMELL A PLANT.

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I think he was...he said something about working on a dance loop for some background characters? Maybe he keyframed it, though having never worked in the animation world I have no clue if an intern would have the opportunity to do something like that. I might have mis-interpreted what he said!

SUCK MY BALLS! (Translated from ManBird: Thanks for getting back to me, I saw someone mention you had a tumblr, mind linking to it so I can follow?)

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Augenblick Studios (The place Devin Clark works at and the studio behind Ugly Americans) produced Superjail for its first season.