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pitiless_censor21 karma

Mostly just for curiosity--do yall read any of the older utopian literature, like Bellamy's Looking Backward, Morris' News from Nowhere, or something a little more recent like Walden 2? Some of those, especially Looking Backward, were crazy popular back in their day and spawned a ton of intentional communities. Kind of crazy nobody has heard of that book today since it was literally the second most popular novel of the 19th century

Also, is your community politically active in any way with the outside world? How are any political/governing/administrative decisions made within the community, or are any rules more enforced through norms?

I think it's really awesome that y'all can come together and do something like this. It gives me hope that we can all inhabit a far more egalitarian world some day.

pitiless_censor17 karma

they're all pretty dry and didactic so can be pretty hard to read, but Bellamy was crazy influential. My favorite utopian novel is The Dispossessed if you havent read it. It's scifi, and Ursula le guin was an amazing writer.

Thanks for the answers! I love learning about people who do this stuff so I'll definitely look more into your community!