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I used to do a lot of cave digging/exploration. You get a very similar feeling when you’ve just blown open a new cavern or section of cave that no human has ever seen. I’ve been to places that have seen less human interaction than the moon.

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Try caving.

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That's fantastic, cheers man! I'll certainly let you know how it reads but I'll try to do one better and let you know where it leads too.

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How long has your daddy owned a Mercedes dealership? Or is this more of a secret handshake kinda thing?

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So it's all just a matter of perspective! Makes sense really. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I've got a couple of other questions but they are mostly minutiae so I'll read the book and see what crops up. Adios!

Ps: Missed the offer so it's going to have to wait until I'm a little less, well, time rich. But it is on my wishlist, so I'll get around to it. Eventually.