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they are disfigured

I hate to ask, but who is the "they" and how bad of disfigured are we talking?

(I hope we aren't talking about the kids.)

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Are you trained in reporting illegal stuff? (Drugs, Dea bodies, hookers, etc...)

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I saved this to come back to and read the posts and replies. I do have a question, but a quick story first.

Story - my ex wife was in the same boat. Long story short she became addicted to opiates due to a medical condition. Her addiction led to a terrible depression. Mix the depression and addiction and she became a whore. Our marriage was ruined and ultimate divorce. I never wanted to leave her but I couldn't continue to live in the hell that I was in.

Question - I am not an addict. I hate taking that shit whenever I have to. I hate the feeling and what it has already did to my life I'm smart enough to stay away. Do you have suggestions on how an outsider such as myself can deal with the addictions that has destroyed your life?