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I'd like to learn your the answer for this one as well.

Last I tuned into one of your podcasts, the ad in heaviest rotation was for a very large, polluting energy company.

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Asking for my husband, a former aerospace student and avid Apollo geek:

  1. For we non-pilots, rendezvous with the LEM after it lifts off of the lunar surface appears to be a very difficult task. Is it? How do you do it? Is there any margin for error? What if you miss – do you get a second chance?
  2. Can you give us a feel for how big the CM is? It seems a very small space for three people to share for days on end.

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I wish I had access to a doc of your caliber where I live (rural PA).

What's your preferred solution to a "short" jawline/double chin? I have spent my whole life marveling at sharp, tight jawlines. As a 50 year old, I watch people's faces as they speak to me, and I find they sort of--peel nervously on their own necks while they talk to me. It's not like I can suck in what's under my slight chin.

Anyway. I'm older, and I'm going to probably droop way more (if my dad is any indication--but he has a beard to cover up his problems), and I could be really ready for a chin/jaw overhaul. Surgery does not terrify me at all.

Can you offer pointers or direct me a bit? Or--feel free to see, "that ship has sailed! You're skin is too old!"