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Whats the most amazing thing you've seen/your favorite moment from out in the field?

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The fact that you have both of these things on video is really amazing. Thanks for the reply! That turtle made my day :)

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I see you have several different colored wigs, if I was in that position I would have a blast confusing people I don't know well with "changing my hair color" every time they saw me.
Ever had any fun moments with something like that?

Also, is it liberating to not have to worry about how greasy your hair is "on day 2", or save so much money on conditioner?

Also also, I saw you've used used creams and injections, have you ever tried more gentle topical options?
I don't want to be that asshole who thinks they know everything and suggests something you've tried and researched to death, but I've personally seen another kind of treatment do wonders if you're interested in learning about it / haven't heard of it before.
Long story short there is a doctor in NYC, Dr. Norman Orentreich (who may be super retired, but his practice still exists) who was able to help my sister. She was very very young (7?), and lost about 3/4 of her hair to alopecia over the course of a year or so. He custom blended these "tinctures" (topical drops) for her, and when he finally figured out the right blend, she started rapidly growing it back. It was short and uneven at first, but she had a full head of hair again within weeks.