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As a social worker who btw thinks your ex is Cray it would be a good idea to have someone "supervise" all visits. It can be a family member or friend but just someone who can be there 24/7 when he's with you to prove u didn't do anything

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As a current foster care social worker I'm sorry the system failed you, you should never have gone home and even if they sent you home it should have been monitored. I'm glad you made it out and are able to be a productive member of society.

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Would you ever consider becoming a foster parent? As a social worker for foster care kids I can personally attest to how badly good foster parents are needed!

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That didn't answer the question even a little

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Just so you're aware most states give foster parents a subsidy every month to help with the cost of caring for a child.

You're doing great work, keep it up!