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I produced a documentary about a service dog that is coming out this fall/winter, and learned a ton about the legal stuff surrounding it.

What are the worst experiences you've had in terms of being denied access or service because of your dog, and what are the best stories you have to tell that will make everyone forget about the previous answer?

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The Norman Yoke? As bad as has been claimed or just sour grapes from the Anglos?

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For the first time ever I have zero expectations for England at the World Cup. Literally don't expect them to win a game.

Should Roy leave everyone over the age of 25 at home and take a squad of promising youngsters - they couldn't do any worse and they experience might set them up for Euro 2016.

tl:dr you can't win anything with kids

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sure - pm your email address and I'll send it over.

I can only imagine how hard retiring a service dog is.

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Were William I and the Norman Yoke as bad as have been made out? Or is that English revisionism?