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pinguino4227 karma

With Steam for Linux imminent, will the Linux versions of current Humble Bundle games be available on Steam? Will future bundles?

Do you think more indie developers will begin to focus on Linux because of Steam and these bundles? What about the larger developers? (I asked a similar question a few years ago, but I think it's worth revisiting.)

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Hey Geoff, well done this year. I have a question about the game nominations, one game in particular:

Xenoblade Chronicles X. Did it come out too late in the west to be considered for awards, if so will it be considered for next year? Or was it already considered since it came out months ago in Japan, and simply not nominated for anything?

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How confident were you in this show leading up to it and what do you think of the reactions? Do you think The Game Awards could grow and become "The" industry awards like the Grammys are to music?

One complaint I've seen a lot is how many of the nominated games weren't released when those nominations were announced. Do you think this show could still succeed if it weren't held in November/December?