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What is the most inappropriate thing you've ever laughed at? Bonus points if it was in a situation where no one else thought it was funny. I find myself laughing at inappropriate things often...in public. Then the staring by innocent bystanders begins.

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Since she didn't give specific plants, I can say from experience that they love Wild Bergamot, aka monarda fistulosa. Especially if it's the hot pink variety!

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My aunt had ALS and we were able to communicate with her using a Megabee. https://www.acciinc.com/megabee-eye-gaze-communication-device/

It may depend on how much control she has over her eye movements though. It takes time to get a message across but it is better than having no way to communicate!

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I sponsored you! All the best!

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How do you determine how much anesthesia to give a patient? I've been put under twice, and they've commented both times about how hard I was to "knock out". As in, I think they had to give me more anesthesia than they thought. Does it have to do with a person's age? Size? I'm 27, female, and 120 lbs at 5'3".

Just wondering why I've been compared to "trying to take down a rhino." Lol.