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My mom has had two heart transplants, and we’ve coincidentally met both donor families. Shoutout to my mom’s second donor, she would have turned 29 today! Her family has so graciously had a relationship with us, I’ve always been so blown away by that. Celebrating big life events feel hard to post about on social media when we know they’ll see them. It’s a weird feeling of knowing they’ll be happy we’re able to spend these moments with our loved one, and also grieving all over again because they cannot.

SERIOUSLY, please everyone, sign up to be an organ donor. We’ve had 20 extra years (so far!) with my mom because of donation.

pillowfort_5 karma

It’s very much both of those things. I hope your physical healing continues to go well, you’ve been through so much. Thinking of you and your donor!

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Thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me, especially on a day I’m hurting for her friends and family. I do also want to mention that she shared the same name as me, and was only a year older than me when she passed, which was 16. Far, far too young, but those things really gave me a special connection to her.

Hug your family and friends close!!