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The latest studies (eg: http://stanford.edu/~jgrimmer/comment_final.pdf) show that Voter ID laws have basically no impact on minority turnout and specifically debunk the previous studies that were presented with ignorant glee. The smallest hint of issue was found in Hispanic communities, and none in black communities.

Just because some racists want voter ID does not mean that they are inherently racist policies. Nazi's want universal health care (that's part of why they want an ethnostate - it's easier to supply common services) - are you going to be against centralized health care for those reasons then too?

Rather than fighting against voter ID laws, which really makes it seem like you're supporting voter fraud, why not actually fight to then make sure everyone has the tools (ID) to vote with such a paradigm?

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What can be done about the thousands of outstanding FOIA requests from the previous administration?


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Because their anti-gun arguments are emotional and not consistent in a rational way. This is a dog whistle to a small segment of people that vote solely on gun regulations.

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With there often being little, if any, direct proof of harassment: how can punishment (termination, sanction, character assassination) be justified when there is a contradictory account by the accused?

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That's literally how it is in Canada. Show ID or have someone else vouch for you.