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Ohh, I can just taste those meaty, leading man parts in my mouth!

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There are very few Dutch people in the world, and they all watch American and British TV. I lived there for a summer, and met only one person who didn't speak English.

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I can't believe nobody's asked about your article, “Star Wars” Despots vs. “Star Trek” Populists.

At the time I read it, SF was a pleasurable bit of nerdy escapism for me that had somehow avoided my growing moral questioning, and in a single stroke, you changed how I viewed Star Trek, Star Wars, and SF in general. I just want to say thanks. :)

Did you ever hear from Lucas or anyone else, about the article? And what do you think is the best strategy to shake loose of our desire for leaders and ubergods?

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... there's already a ton of beer halls in Williamsburg, many that opened in just the last few years.

Also, Radegast has turned into a frat party. The venue is great, but avoid like the plague on weekends.