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The history is pretty clear, Labor in Australia came up with a FTTP NBN network. The liberal party were told by rupert murdoch to kill it, so in 2013 they went into an election campaign telling the Australian people it would cost more than double the price (and of course murdoch's press made sure everyone saw this and believed it), then the liberal party won the election. So instead of 100mbit/s for all, fibre for all... we ended up with this mess. So now the FTTP network that would have cost around $50billion will now cost at least 3 times that much when we finally get it, after all this mess is ripped out and replaced. Maybe by 2050 :(

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I'd be interested in a response to this question, but maybe at a different level.

20 years working in Operations and Engineering here in Sydney, and we're looking at moving to the Gippsland area in Victoria in the near future. My wife has family there, and quite frankly I'm sick of Sydney, its pace and the traffic.

I've seen sales/support/marketing roles advertised, but never any operations/engineering style roles. Are they non-existent, i.e are Phil, John and Peter all they need, or are they maybe advertised somewhere other than Linked-in and Seek?

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So you didn't bring Wolf Marshall back from retirement ? :-)

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Not entirely true, a lot of mobile towers rely on microwave for backhaul... and not just in remote areas. Sure, eventually that has to translate back to a terrestrial network at some point, but there isn't as much fibre 'everywhere' as your comment might infer.

Don't get me wrong, I have always believed that mobile networks are never a replacement for a home wired network.

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> How come Australia has such a (sorry for the word) shitty internet

It used to be Telstra, now it's rupert murdoch.