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piggyjelly2 karma

Hi Jason! I've been following you off and on since Passage and my one of my favourite games of yours is Sleep Is Death, that was such a fascinating idea and it really ignited my imagination.

I see some parallels between OHOL and Lewis Dartnell's book The Knowledge, which, if you're not familiar, is essentially a quick-start guide to rebuild civilization from scratch after any sort of cataclysm (and what is needed for it to be successful). Lewis Dartnell's approach to a lot of the subject matter was attempting to see if he could do any task himself, such as creating a backyard forge to heat aluminum from basic materials. My question is, what resources or inspiration have you used to understand technological progress and how do you go from that (such as creating the very important lathe) and translating it into the game mechanics?

piggyjelly1 karma

Thank you so much for the reply!!! The Knowledge really opened my eyes on a lot of subjects, and I was so excited to see a game with similar perspectives. Looking forward to seeing how it develops, and more of your amazing newsletter (and your gifs).