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How significant a role do you think the Chaldean identity - especially as strengthened and exported back to Iraq by American Chaldeans and their benefactors - has had in contributing to our present plight?

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Do you think Assyrians have done enough to try and reach out and cooperate with Yazidis and Yazidi leaders in order to obtain self-governance and security rights in Nineveh? (I say this specifically with reference to Kurdish attempts to 'annex' the Yazidi identity as well as their lands.)

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The Assyrian Universal Alliance represents Assyrians at the UNPO. Can you talk about the perils of basing such a significant organisation for Assyrians in the Islamic Republic of Iran?

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I believe you also work closely with Walid Phares, a Lebanese Christian. Do you think there is potential in Assyrians building bridges with the Kataeb, Lebanese Forces, and Lebanese Christians more generally?