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That's actually more impressive to me that is all in JS...

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They took the money and built tollways

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A lot of PPE used in hospitals in Covid areas also doesn't filter exhaled air. It's assumed that the air is dirty and infected and only the wearer needs to be kept safe.

I don't think that is true- masks with exhaust valves have been banned in the hospitals I've dealt with.

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EE by trade at a medical devices company. (This comment is my own personal opinion).

I started out skeptical, but your work does look promising. The circuit board seems well designed, I think the design of the product looks great. Have some questions/feedback.

It looks like there is foam around the shield? (Or is it cloth?) How easy is this to clean?

Do you have any strategy for dealing with the E-waste of this product? The bulb contains mercury, and while it does meet RoHS, I'm curious how much thought has gone into this. Have you considered any UV LEDs?

Any sort of testing done with how fragile that bulb is? It would be bad if the bulb cracked and now you have a mercury cloud (and quartz dust) around your face.

How loud are the fans? Any dBA measurements? (It looks like the fans don't cover the ears?) Can you reasonably hold a conversation while wearing it, with others hearing you?

How does the UVC affect the material that is used in the bulb chamber? I know UVC is notorious for causing plastic to yellow/degrade/brittle. Are there any negative effects with this, for example, plastic decomposing and off-gassing? Any risk of aged plastic flaking off into airborne particulates?

Finally, the open-source aspect of this project feels lacking. There is no over-arching BOM. The CAD files are in Altium (Consider KiCAD to be more open-source friendly). The files are scattered about the website and it's hard to find any details. Presentation is important, and it really felt like a scam a-la solar roadways. It shouldn't be this hard to find details about an open source project.

Will the team move to close-source it once the concept is hashed out and manufacturers are interested? In other words, is it "open source" to generate hype and revenue, with the goal of going closed-source for profit? (Reddit comes to mind- used to be "open-source")

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We have launched 40+ projects, including the Bristol Ventilator and 3D origami face mask (that you can print at home). All of them are open source and remained open source.

Excellent, I'm glad.

I’m not the one who can address the technical aspects of the design, but specific to your skepticism on the website in terms of information not being systematic/organised like what you’d expect from an open source project, that’s some great feedback. To be really honest, it’s a resource issue. To date, over 18 months of running the organisation, we are unpaid volunteers putting the design and knowledge assets with what we can conjure, between our full-time jobs, family, and random challenges that crop up because of the pandemic.

Understood, I have side projects of my own that are neglected. Good on all of you for accomplishing all of this with all the constraints of daily life.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. We’ve closed our AMA a couple of hours ago but I shared your feedback with the team.

Hope you find my perspective and questions helpful. These are the kinds of questions I'd ask at an engineering design review session. And I'm sure they're along the lines of what a partnering company would ask too.

Best of luck :)