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I appreciate your suggestions around having too many thoughts when trying to practice meditation.

The answer for me might just be as simple as finding the right style of guidance or no guidance at all. My anxiety is driven by being out of control. A lot of guided meditation implements positive encouragement e.g. “you are enough, you are worthy” etc. I am probably an asshole for thinking this, but it feels so patronizing. I’m not trying to meditate for a stranger to tell me I’m worth it. I know I’m worth it. I’ve gotten to a place where I’m confident and happy with myself in that way, so I just get annoyed that it feels like I’m being talked down to. Again, I am just being a narcissist in this regard.

I just need something to help calm me when I’m thinking of future plans or have a current situation I’m not in control of. Would it be best to have no guidance and start small?

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Can you believe it girls?

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Thank you! I feel less like a dick now! I’m going to try some different apps. In a sense I want more control over how I conduct myself when there is lack of control- haha! I’m going to do some app searching, I had no idea there were so many options. The (in person) quasi-enlightenment I’ve been through has put me off it for so long I haven’t looked much more into apps.

I commented above, but I have social anxiety as well. I’m going to try to work on not focusing on how people will interact with me by distracting myself, maybe with breathing techniques (I think this is also rooted in not having control of the situation)

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Thank you! That is really helpful. How long have you been practicing?

Some of my anxiety is socially based as well. I can’t predict what others with do or how they will react to me. This leads to having conversations in my head and getting nervous when they don’t play out as I would expect. I can’t even call for delivery without having a script ready lol. To your point about distracting yourself, maybe I should try that when it comes tot social anxiety too. Thanks again!