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Thanks for this Adam!

Were there other competing things that you wanted to do and then settled at Camp Awakening? I'm wondering why you chose the kids with disabilities job rather than other stuff you may have been considering.

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Hi and thanks for the AMA!

  • Given that immigration is starting to look like a battle ground for the upcoming elections, what is your stance on EU and overseas immigration policies currently in place in the UK?

  • Why do you think there was a surge in party membership between 2013 and 2014 under your leadership?

  • What is your stance on EU membership of the UK? Do you think we should move towards the EU or away from it in general?

  • Aside from the Green party, of the major parties, which would you vote for in the coming general election?

  • What is one major issue that you believe is currently severely overlooked and ignored by the general public?

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Hi guys! Thank you very much for your work! and of course for doing this AMA :-)

I was wondering, could you describe a particularly busy day in your average work life while working with people who have either contracted the disease or are suspected to have contracted it?

Are there certain things that, as health workers, you're not allowed to do in the field to help people when dealing with such an outbreak?