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Speaking of a drunk uncle, are you able to partake in that type of activity? Keep in mind, I'm walking into this conversation under the impression that you have a daily regimen of medication. I'm only on 2 daily meds and drink much less than I used to, though my other medicinal herbs went up as a result.

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A) that's awesome that you don't take any meds! My blood pressure spikes if i don't take them, then my anxiety kicks into high gear.

B) that's a win win win in my book too! I don't do shots because I'll toss my cookies real quick, and I like my beer, but way too much on my body.

Again, thanks for your time! I'm heading to that video right now!

Edit: I didn't say thanks initially, but totally intended to!

Also, you two seem awesome. If you're ever in Austin, I'd hang out with y'all!